Singapore’s annual Haze was coming back!

One day when I was looking at the severe haze outside, I was quite hesitated because I wanted to go out for lunch. Suddenly an idea came to me that why there is no app can display the haze reading on your desktop? With that app I would be able to make decision with just one glance at the haze reading.

I immediately did a research, and unfortunately (or rather luckily), no such app existed in the market. And as a programmer, I realized it was a good time to pick up OS X development skills and developed one on my own.

I spent several nights reading some good tutorials, like this one on the Raywenderlich on how to create a menu bar app for OS X. It is quite detailed and easy to understand. Based on that, I developed the overall UI components of the app.

Next, a reliable data source is needed. I chose the API provided by Singapore National Environment Agency which provided free PSI readings in various form. (However, their service are sometimes unstable so the API will go down…)

I hope the app could provide readings in an obvious way, that is why I choose to use different color to represent different pollution status.

In addition, I hope the app can provide readings all the time, and hence I implement an option for it to be a login item so the service is available with the system boot.

I share the app with my friends, and the feedbacks are positive :D I really enjoyed the feeling of converting a small idea into a real working thing which can help others.

Somehow I still hope the haze could be gone as soon as possible, even if at that time no one will use this app. After all, health is more important than the app itself lol.

You may find the app at Github.