How time flies!

It’s already December! Last week I have finished my last and only final examination, it was not hard, but still I was confused about some concepts and made a few mistakes (Dear Prof, please give me a higher mark if you see this! :D) The module I took this semester is CS4224: Distributed Database. This is one of the hottest topic these days as everyone seems to fall in love with NoSQLs and distributed systems. This course provides a very good overall and discussion about a series of “what, why, how” questions regarding the distributed database. I found it quite interesting, not only for how useful it is, also because the idea of duplicating your data and put them at different server around the world, while without even letting your users be aware of that, really cool huh?

We are requested to finish a benchmarking project using Cassandra, a very popular NoSQL database developed by Facebook. A more detailed introduction about it you may find it on our team’s site here. We spent half of the semester debugging and playing around with it, and I can still recall our first idea was just treat it as normal RDMS, and use application-level join to handle everything :) (that was really really slow, don’t try that in your real project). I want to thank my powerful teammates here @franklingu and @Trumpsqol.

Another thing was my attachment with Apple Singapore is nearly reaching an end. Wow, it was 5 months already since July 6th, the day I joined Apple as an Intern in the operation team. I would like to say Apple Singapore is quite different from its HQ in US (although I have never been there but I believed so) as it has no R&D department in SG. However I still learned quite a lot here, like I picked up Excel VBA in just two weeks, and I was developing Excel Scripts like an software engineering: User case, performance, stability, modular design, easy to maintain, user interaction and many other things to consider. The hard skills may not be useful in my career as a Software Engineer but I will definitely benefit from this valuable experience.

One more things, just finished my first and maybe last Google Internship interview of my university life this Monday. I was surprised that I could have this chance without any referral when I was contacted by one of the recruiter, and I worked very hard to prepare for it. I feel very lucky to be selected for the interview and would like to thank my recruiters and interviewers. Regardless of the result, this would be a really important milestone in my student life.

Wish me good luck :D