As the name of the module suggested, “Software Product Engineering For Digital Markets”, CS3216 is an interesting module that will not only teach you how to form a team and build a product, but also about how to sell your product and make impact. It covers all we want to learn about from the early product brainstorm, to the product development stage, and all the way till the product launch.
Below are a few things that I expect to learn from the legendary CS3216 class:

Software Engineering

Since this is a very practical CS module, of course we can expect tons of software development skills to be picked up! Through all kinds of assignments, projects, discussions and self-learning, I wish I can keep improving my code quality as well as software development skills. Moreover, software design is also an interesting area that I would like to know more, as we are probably going to create something from scratch, so it would be useful to design it well at the very beginning.

User Experience Design

I believe the key factor of a successful software is user. We all want our product to delight our users, but a product with a great user experience would probably attract more customers. In this module, I wish to know more about user experience design throughout my study in CS3216 as we usually don’t learn about it in other modules. In my opinion, UX is not just about beautiful user interface, it’s more about how happy your users will be when using your software (Users will probably delete your app if they totally can’t figure out how to use it after they download it). I guess probably I will do some self-learning as well to know more about the up-to-date UX design trends.


It’s not enough if you have a great product, but you don’t know how to sell it. CS3216 is such a module that we will know how to sell our product to the customers. As I am a CS student, this is probably an area that I am extremely bad at. Therefore, I wish I can know about some product marketing skills from the lecture, my awesome peers, as well as the whole CS3216 experience.


Last but not least, CS3216 is not just about building great software, it’s also about meeting awesome people :) We have a group of talented students from different backgrounds, and I am sure it will be super exciting to meet and befriend with them! I wish to be able to meet cool people, learn to work with them and handle possible conflicts, and build up my professional relationship. After all, people-engineering is probably a super useful skills that we will benefit from it for a life time.

So, that are my rough ideas about what I wish to learn in CS3216, and I am super excited now for the upcoming new semester :P