An exciting first week since the new semester starts :P. And we immediately felt the stress from our “infamous” CS3216 class. First assignment’s mid submission will due next Friday! >w<

After forming our teams, we started the brainstorm stage. The first assignment is about Facebook Application. Basically, we have to create an application that supports Facebook login, and use Facebook’s Graph API to retrieve data, and get our users interact with each others. Here are some ideas that I came up with during our discussion:

  • Pokemon Go crowd-sourcing map
    Pokemon Go is definitely the hottest topic in SG right now! It is just like suddenly everyone has something to do at night: catch Pokemons! If we want our project to be immediate popular, then something related to Pokemon Go would definitely attract some users.
    The idea comes to my mind is to build a map to show locations of different Pokemons. Users will login using their Facebook accounts, and they could mark where they catch a kind of pokemon in the map, and share the information with other users. Users can interact with each other by exchanging the pokemon information, or sharing some tips and tricks for playing the game.
    However, for this idea, it is very hard to control whether the information provided by users are authentic (if everyone claims they have catched Dragonite under the stairs, how should we verify that?). Also, this is probably against the will of the Pokemon Go company, and may violate some game agreement as well. In addition, my groupmate pointed out that Grab already built such map here. Therefore, probably no one will really use our application :(

  • “Friendship compatibility”
    This is once a popular game shared by my friends on WeChat. Firstly you will be asked to select some questions and provide your answers to them. Then your friends will take the challenge and answer your questions. For example, you may get a question like “When I am bored, I usually __“ and select a answer for that. Then if your friends know your well, they will be able to choose the correct one out of some choices. (Such as they choose “sleep” out of some other random choices). Then after answering all questions, we will provide a rate showing how well your friends know you (such as, “XXX and you are 56% compatible, please consider change a friend”).
    This idea may be fun for a while as this kind of game usually shared rapidly among friends. However, from the user perspective, first I probably only create my questions once and won’t update them after, so my friends will always answer the same question and get bored. Secondly, after I played a set of question with my friend, I may not want to try a second set as the user experience is almost the same. Another issue is this rate doesn’t really reflect your friendship (after all this is just a game without scientific!), so our game has the potential to destroy one’s friendship…

  • Travel Map
    Nowadays when we post photos and status on Facebook, we like to add a location information to it as well. Adding location information will make you feel you have really been to the place, and also show off a little to your friends (Sorry for those who are still working while I am traveling). As those location information are quite fragile, if later we want to look back on our journey, it’s very hard to find them and manage our memories around the world.
    Therefore, we are thinking about creating such travel map, and display all our check-in locations on them, so that you can write something about your memories and share them with your friends. We can make use of the Graph API provided by Facebook to collect geolocation information from your account, and use some Map SDK to display them nicely.
    Also, your friends who are using this map could also view your map and comment on your wonderful memories. Personally I like this idea very much, and I think this app will have a longer life time, and could be popular among friends.

We are still figuring out how our assignment 1 will be, but I am sure we will work it out, learn a lot of technologies, and build an awesome application!